Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Whole Brain Teaching- Where to Start?


Whether you are new to Whole Brain Teaching or have used WBT for years there is soooo much that is new each year it is easy to feel overwhelmed. I have been using WBT since it was Power Teaching and there is always something new to add to the WBT tool belt. There are just soooo many wonderful ebooks, videos and ideas! Where do you start? When do you start what? What if it is not the beginning of the school year? Can you still start WBT? So many questions but no worries, we can do this!

With Chris Biffle's newest book Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: Fast Track: Seven Steps to Teaching Heaven, all the amazing Whole Brain Teaching tools have been organized into seven steps. If you are brand new to Whole Brain Teaching, you may only use the first 2 steps or even only Step 1 and I promise you it will be life changing! I of course recommend grabbing all 3 of Coach B's books and using all the tools WBT offers but you can get started right now for FREE, even if the school year has already started, even if you are on break or not in the classroom :)

Step 1 is Super Improver and all you really need is some index cards and a pen. All the info you need to get started is at
If Super Improver in the classroom is not exciting enough, there is also Super Improver Family edition! Find out more on the official FaceBook page videos page under the Super Improver playlist and the Super Improver Facebook group
I will share more soon about how I use Super Improver in my classroom and at home.

Step 2 is Character Education and is my favorite part of WBT. Again you can get started for free on the official WBT page and be sure to grab the Character Ed ebook at TpT :) SEL, Social Emotional Learning, is so very important and I believe vital to every classroom, and in PreK and TK it is a part of our Learning Foundations. Whole Brain Teaching makes character education so easy to implement and a part of every school day.
Start your WBT journey with these two steps. Once you are ready to dive deeper, move on to Steps 3, 4 and 5. Ready to dive really deep? Add Step 6 and 7.

Step 3 is Master WBT Basics. This is the How to Teach part of WBT and the part that takes the most time to implement. I can't imagine teaching without the WBT Basics and each year feel a tiny bit closer to mastering these always improving tools.

Step 4 is Gamify Classroom Rules.

Step 5 is Play Scoreboard

Step 6 is Reforming Bleoved Rascals

Step 7 is Activate Power Ups


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