Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Have you all seen this new 600 page ebook for the Common Core Standards?
After seeing this all over many of my favorite blogs this week I finally had a chance to check out the free sample download. WOW these are so cute and useful! If even half the pages are as great as the sample this book will totally be worth the investment.

My school district is still using the California State Standards for now but since most of the California Standards are similar to the Common Core Standards I know I'll still be able to use many of the pages from this book. Then when my district decides to switch to Common Core, which will probably be with little notice, I'll already be started :)

Between this Kindergarten Common Core workbook and the Power Pixs from Whole Brain Teaching I will have the standards super covered :) The workbook is $39.99, but one comment said there is a 15% discount with the code CORE15. If you are a blogger you can receive a copy for free until September 16th! Just click HERE to find out how.  Now if only printer ink was free too because I will need A LOT of ink :) 

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