Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Meet Me

So I haven't had this blog long but realized I have been blogging since 2006, 8 years!  Thing is I have never been good about staying with blogging throughout the year. School starts up and blogging is always one of the first things to come off my plate. This year I hope to be MUCH better about blogging consistently and today's post is the beginning of that :) What better way to begin than with introductions? Here is a little about me

3 Interesting Facts

3 Things I am Thankful For 

If you are still reading you now know more about me than most people that know me in real life :) I would love to learn more about you! The cute templates are from

You can grab the templates from the links below and join in the fun Monday Meet Me then comment with the link to your Monday Meet Up picture or just comment here with something about you :) 


Meet other teachers at the Monday Meet Up linkies




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