Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's Under Your Cape? Introduction

Yea! Today is finally our start day for our summer book study! As I have said I LOVE book studies and I am sooo excited to share this book by  Barbara Gruener, 
What's Under Your Cape?: SUPERHEROES of the Character Kind

Lynda at Curls and a Smile is starting us off and has a giveaway of the book! Start with her post !

Did you see the fabulous group of bloggers hosting this study and enter the giveaway? 
Here is the schedule of for the SUPERHERO posts. We will be having linkies for each chapter so you can join in and just might have some more giveaways and freebies along the way too! 

It is going to be a FABULOUS study! This book really is a quick read filled with super ideas on how to infuse character education into your classroom. The ideas for me start in the introduction. In the introduction Barbara uses the 4-H pledge to explain the domains of character education and as a former 4-H'er oh how I love this! It makes soooo much sense! The 4 H's are Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Barbara explains how we need to use all 4 to build superheros of character. I will be sharing more about my 4-H experience during this book study but wanted to share these Facebook covers now that I found while making bookmarks for last year's California State Leaders Forum with my mom. 

Barbara explains that the Head is where character development starts, the cognitive domain. The Heart leads to the affective domain, more than knowing but embracing and loving a virtue. Once we have the head and the heart we need to use our Hands, it's time for action. Finally we move to the ethical domain with Health and put it all together to make daily choices that make things better, not just for ourselves but others too. It is a HUGE task to build character but the awesome thing is that Barbara shows it is also very easy to infuse character development into your classroom daily! 
Ready to hear how? Well just check back here and at Curls and a Smile July 14th as we co host Chapter 1!


Barbara on July 12, 2014 at 12:10 PM said...

What a terrific teaser ... LOVE your graphics! Thanks, Melissa. Can't wait to read your Ch. 1 review and reflections!


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