Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WBT Wednesday-Where to start? The Core 4

Whether you are new to WBT or an experienced WBT'er you will want to start with the Five Rules and the Core Four each year. We talked about the Five Rules last week so now we are ready for the Core 4,which are as the name implies the core of the Big 7If this is your first year using WBT and the ONLY WBT tools you use are the Core Four you will still be AMAZED at how awesome your class is! If you are feeling overwhelmed ONLY implement these 4 tools of Whole Brain Teaching because they are the foundation of every WBT classroom.
So what are these life changing wonder tools?

 The Core Four are Class/Yes, the ScoreboardMirror and Teach/OK. If this is the first you are hearing about this click on each to see the explanation of each from These are each very simple and VERY powerful! You can start using all of the Core Four in the first hour of the first day of school or the first hour of your new day of school if school has already started :)
Coach B's latest webcast this week was on the Core 4 so grab your beverage of choice and get ready for a crash course in the Core 4!

Now you already have the basics for the Core 4 and Coach will be doing a new First Hour/First Days type webcast in the coming weeks but if you are ready for more now check out the WBT First Steps playlist on the webcast youtube channel

Here are some more Core 4 goodies, which all can also be found on the WBT Basics Pinterest board.

First the Delightful Deb Weigel created this fabulous cheat sheet to leave for subs.
Next at the delightful Deanna's TpT store you can download her free WBT Cue cards for the first day. She has made many sets and they are AWESOME!
 Also visit her blog and check out her classroom pictures.

Finally hop over the spectacular Nancy Stoltenberg's blog and check out her post from last year on the First Minute, Hour, Day with WBT


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