Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teacher Tech Tuesday- Twitter

Today's Teacher Tech Tuesday is all about Twitter. TTTTT, lots of T's!

Now I am NOT a Twitter expert, far from it but there are a ton of great educational chats on Twitter so I had to join and start learning and it is not too hard at all. No really!

First you need to sign up for Twitter. 
I find using the computer easiest with Twitter so go to https://twitter.com/ and you will see something like this on the left and click the sign up button or go straight to  https://twitter.com/signup

The hardest part here is picking your username but the awesome thing is you can change it later so just pick something and get tweeting, you can change it later :)  

Now that you are on Twitter it is time to find some super cool peeps to follow and chats to follow. 
I am @TKwithMrsO and I love the #WBTchat and #TeacherFriends chats that are both on Tuesdays at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern. The @ goes before the username and the # is the hashtag. #WBTchat is a chat on Whole Brain Teaching usually hosted by Sarah Meader, @MeadorScience and #TeacherFriends is an informal "Practice" Twitter chat organized by Debbie Clement, @KweezleQueen
Tonight's topic at #WBTchat in Super Improver Team and check out what is happening for #TeacherFriends

Even if you can not make the chat live you can search Twitter for the hashtag and still read the tweets, tweet using the hashtag and of course follow all the cool people that participate in the chats. I like to read the tweets at #kinderchat, and check out this post for some more recommendations:

I recommend typing the hashtag #TeacherFriends  and #WBTchat in the search box and following the people tweeting in those chats. To follow someone simply click on their name and click the Follow button that will pop up :) 

Now if possible pick one chat you want to follow live. You CAN follow a chat from the main Twitter page but I find it hard to do. It is just not user friendly to me on the main Twitter page so  I like to use TweetDeck on my laptop.

With TweetDeck you can make a column just for the chat and it will automatically load new tweets for you, something I can't do on the regular Twitter page. Once I have set up my TweetDeck all I have to do is open https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ and I am ready to go with the chat column already setup :) Here is a screen shot of my TweetDeck this morning

I am all set up to follow #TeacherFriends and #WBTchat as well as read my regular Twitter feed :) Now I will only be able to pop in at the beginning of the chats tonight but I am all set to read the tweets later and catch up. I hope this post was helpful and you feel ready to tweet tonight and I can follow you :) 


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