Saturday, July 14, 2012

Order my VistaPrint designs

I LOOOOOOOVE VistaPrint, especially when they are having a good sale, which is most of the time. I have create a page here to share my VistaPrint creations and some have asked how to order a few of the things. Below are links directly to order each item from VistaPrint. You can make changes to the text if the text was created in VistaPrint so they are not set in stone. The best thing to do is click on the link under the pic you want, log in to VistaPrint, make any edits you need to then save and log out of VistaPrint. There are deals all over for VistaPrint and I will try to post the current oneds on my VistaPrint page. I hope this is helpful and I would love your feedback and pins :)

Business Card Magnets

Magnets by Vistaprint

Business Cards

Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint

don't have this in my portfolio anymore but it is a ticket background from VistaPrint with the text typed in VistaPrint

Large Banner

I bought the large banner and then cut it in half to give me the Emerging CAFE menu and Traditional menu. Learn more about Daily 5 and CAFE at
Top Emerging CAFE menu is a freebie from Miss Nguyen's Class and the Traditional CAFE is  from the yahoo group I run :) 

Oversized Postcard

Each student gets one to help them with their CAFE strategies. They are laminated so students can circle the area they are working on and write notes about the strategy in overhead pen or dry erase. I have also done little labels for the strategy that the student gets during conference time with me. Menu is a freebie from Miss Nguyen's Class

Rack Card

Rack Cards by Vistaprint

I laminated these and students use these to track which Daily 5 choice they have done with dry erase pens. The back has our worshop time rules. Posters are freebies from KinderTastic Not sure the font but the kids are from ScrapinDoodles

Note Pad

I can record who needs extra help on something, who was on what level and what I need for a lesson :)

Car Door Magnet

Car Door Magnets - Small by Vistaprint

Found the poem online and this is stuck on the outside of my door to the classroom :)

Small Poster

Small Posters by Vistaprint

Found the words to the poem online, typed them up in MyMemoriesSuite and saved as a jpeg to upload to VistaPrint so I could have rainbow colors. Clipart is all from Vista Print

Small Banner

Clip Chart based on Rick Morris' idea with the colors my school uses. Ended up using another one and not ordering so no link. 

T Shirts

              Kindergarten Walking Word Wall

FREE T-Shirts by Vistaprint

I Teach. What's your super power? from


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